Thursday, May 13, 2010

Contest #2 Forum

I'm starting a new Contest, but this one is different you have to do something to be entered. I want to make the new forums into a gathering place to discuss Lost and other TV shows, Movies, etc, etc long after Lost ends. So in order to be entered in the contest you have to do 4 things.

1. Sign up at the forums (Those already signed up are eligible)
2. Fill out a questionnaire in the "Getting to Know You"/"Tell Us about Yourself" area
3. Make one on topic comment anywhere in the forum
4. Go to the contest are and say that you want be entered in the Contest

Contest starts now May 13th and ends on Tuesday, May 18th
Cut off 9am Pacific Standard Time California, United States
Name Drawing 10am PST

The prize will be you will be able to pick one product from my Room 23 Store
1. Starter & Booster set of Lost Cards
2. Room 23 Sketchbook
3. A copy of my soon to be released revamped Hoofprints sketchbook

Random Name Picker

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