Monday, January 17, 2011

Room 23 Contest #4: In Defense of LOST

Since the start of Season 6 and especially since the Finale the fan base of LOST have been divided about whether Lost/Season 6/the Finale was and outstanding and satisfying experience or a total failure. There have been many arguments about the virtues and problems of this show. Lost is on trial and so I am calling on all those who still love everything about Lost to act as Lawyer to the Defense of the TV show LOST. In order to do so you must mount an argument that defends three important points.

1. Why Season 6 and the Finale were important to the overall arch of the series.

2. Proof that Darlton did have a plan all along. (State reasons and refute contrary arguments)

3. How and why Lost in 30 years from now will be looked back on as one of the most important things that ever happened to Broadcast Television.

Please write at least one paragraph minimum for each argument point with a maximum of two pages total. Submit your defensive essay in a Word Document attachment (if you don't have Word just send it in an e-mail) to me at by Monday, January 31rd, then a group of judges that I have chosen will read and discuss the essays and choose the essay that we feel mounts the best defence. A 1st prize will then be selected.

1st prize will win a Swan Hatch Trading Cards Holder

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